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Your bodies are dynamic, so is fitness. Whether you're an avid walker, runner, or lifter. Haven't been to the gym since the pandemic or go 4-5x/week. Whether you're 16 or 60, you're still in your PRIME! We all have bodies that need to get us to the finish line of life. Let's utilize these 6 components of fitness to build the strongest, most resilient body you've ever had!

Performance Services

Let's improve your performance in the gym, on the field/court/track, & everywhere in between. Whether we work together in person or online, my goal is to be there for you every step of the way!

Practicing Yoga

Customized Workout Plan

Don't have time for in-person training sessions? Looking for a customized workout plan made just for you? Workout plans are 6 or 12 weeks long. With the duration of your program, you'll also have weekly 20 minute virtual check-ins, 24/7 messaging, accountability, etc.

Let's cut the small talk

and get right to it! 


In-Person Personal Training

Nothing compares to in person training! 1-on-1 or buddy training options available, all 1 hour long. Let's push you to your goals, ensure your form is right, and make sure you're making training fun! Limited spots available and only held at Hardcore Fitness in Pasadena.

Personal Trainer

Mobility Classes

Mobility classes offered sporadically inside of Hardcore Fitness, but you can also request to host them at your own gym or workplace. Classes are typically 45 minutes and include full body mobility drills you can start incorporating into your warm-up

routine immediately! 


  1. Online Workout Plans:

  • 6 week programs - $400

  • 3 month programs - $750

2. Buddy Training

  • Single session - $75/person

  • Packages:

    • 5 sessions - $65/person (save $10)

    • 10 sessions - $60/person (save $15)

    • 15 sessions - $55/person (save $20)

    • 20 sessions - $50/person (save $25)

3. Private Training (60 minutes)

  • Single session - $150

  • Packages (expire 6 months after purchase):

    • 5 sessions - $700 ($140/session) (save $50)

    • 10 sessions - $1,350 ($135/session) (save $150)

    • 15 sessions - $1,875 ($125/session) (save $375)

    • 20 sessions - $2,200 ($110/session) (save $800)

4. Mobility Classes (45 minutes)

  • For classes held at Hardcore Fitness:

    • $5 for members, $10 for non-members​

  • For private classes, prices vary. Reach out to for more info on how you can bring mobility classes to your workplace.

Need more info?

Not sure which of the above is right for you? Want to combine both in-person and online training? Have questions above pricing? Don't be shy! Drop your info below so we can get started ASAP!

Thank you!!! :)

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